Vehicle Maintenance Shedules, What Should We Follow?

Car maintenance schedules are blanket schedules, created by car manufacturers ,which dealers take as final authority. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not take into consideration the unique road conditions of a place like Taos or Northern New Mexico, often leaving gaps in scope of care and opening up owners to under or over servicing a vehicle.

Our customers have come to appreciate the real-life car maintenance schedule that we operate off of which takes into full account the harsh weather swings, along with the rough terrain we may experiance in the Taos area, keeping each vehicle running at its optimum through preventive maintenance.

The word “preventive” is a key term to understand. Often, the most costly and inconvenient repairs come as a result of not doing small maintenance repairs over time. Preventive maintenance is a car care practice emphasizing work which helps owners avoid larger repairs by prioritizing smaller repairs over the life of the vehicle.

Obviously, not following a car maintenance schedule or following an incorrect schedule, opens you up to those larger scope repairs. The team at Metric Motors will continue to work hard to make sure you are informed about your vehicle and keep it running reliably for years.

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