Metric Motors Maintenance Versus the Quick Lube shops

The most important maintenance standard that we advocate is a vehicle needs to have the oil changed regularly, typically every 5,000 miles. Each mileage interval of our preventive car maintenance schedule includes a standard oil change (syntetic blend oil is always included in our basic oil service) in addition to accompanying service recommendations. These service recommendations are specific to your vehicle and its current mileage.

For instance, when you bring your vehicle in at around 15,000 miles, we will probably recommend replacing your engine air filter. At the 60,000 mile mark, you can anticipate a recommendation for a transmission fluid drain and refill. When you reach 90,000 miles, history shows that your car will probably need spark plugs.

Using a maintenance schedule you can anticipate what we will recommend and when, making the process of working together very transparent. It should be noted that there will always be exceptions to any schedule. To account for these exceptions, we have created a standardized inspection process. During each visit, including routine oil changes, we utilize a 33-point inspection. These inspections reveal if there are any services, maintenance items or repairs which may need attention ahead of schedule or can be postponed for the future. This is a major value that a professional auto shop like Metric Motors can provide.

Many oil change and quick lube shops will only inspect your vehicle to the extent of their repair capabilities. If a shop can’t service transmission fluid, they most likely won’t check your transmission fluid. If a shop is unable to change brake pads, there is a strong likelihood they won’t inspect your brake pads or rotors.

Our primary value is providing the right service at the right time; our maintenance schedule gives our customers a real life car care timeline. Our inspections ensure that our technicians will identify plenty of potential issues occurring out of a recommended mileage service.

Our shop technicians are capable of providing complete and consistent auto repair which gives our customers peace of mind knowing everything is being checked and only what is necessary to be serviced is offered to the customer.

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